60 Seconds to Thrive

Our video series of one-minute documentaries seeks to inspire, create connection, and inform our viewers about you and your business. We connect people, because we believe that the best way to communicate your brand is to tell people who you are and what you do. As documentary filmmakers, we often capture hundreds of hours of footage to find the key moments that make a story. With this video series, we find those moments and reveal their essential message. We do it because we're dedicated to creating change and meaning through the power of video

David Scott & Jeremy

STEP 1 – CREATE YOUR 60-Second Video

Personal storytelling is the most effective form of personal branding. Your video will tell a real and captivating story about your business. Let customers know not just what you do, but why you do it and help to create a sense of community and human understanding too often lost in our busy world.


Change the story of your business. Create Awareness. Generate sales. Your video will only work if you get it out into the world. Don't have the time to learn an entirely new job of online media marketing? Let our team help. We offer easy steps to post and present your video, a social media package with custom graphics and banners to help promote your work, and we can even do your social media marketing for you.


Anyone can create a video, but it will take skill and experience to tell your story well. David Scott and Jeremy have spent a lifetime crafting documentary stories. 

...AND A TEam that can do it all

Maybe video isn't the highest thing on your list. Maybe it's web design, photography, or a branding facelift. Our team of talented artists and designers are a single-point solution for all of your branding challenges.

What our clients say

Filmmakers with heart who quickly capture the true essence of their subject. I’ve reconnected with customers I haven’t heard from in years.
— Dr. Alex Feng, Teacher, The Taoist Center
Thrive has been critical in the growth and branding of our nonprofit. We hope to continue collaborating for our branding needs as we grow.
— Thai Chu, Founder, Listen for a Change
Thrive did a great job of capturing what we do and what we do well in a candid and honest way, telling our story clearly and beautifully.
— Adam Long, Manager, Garden for the Environment

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